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          Performance comparison between dust-free nitrile gloves and PVC gloves

          DATA£º2019-01-11 14:10:12

          Dust-free nitrile gloves

          1, comfortable to wear, long-term wear will not cause skin tension, is conducive to blood.

          2, no harmful substances such as amino compounds, rarely produce allergies.

          3, the degradation time is short, the operation is convenient, and the environment is environmentally friendly.

          4, good tensile strength, puncture resistance, easy to break.

          5, good air tightness, more effectively prevent the spread of dust.

          6, excellent chemical resistance, a certain degree of pH resistance; erosion and oil resistance, not easy to break.

          7, no silicon composition, some anti-static properties, suitable for the electronics industry needs.

          8, low chemical residue, low ion content, the content of particles is small, suitable for strict and strict dining environment.

          Clean PVC gloves

          1, comfortable to wear, long-term wear will not cause skin tension. Conducive to the blood.

          2. Any compound of amino and other harmful substances rarely produces allergies.

          3, high tensile strength, puncture resistance, easy to damage.

          4, a good seal, which is the most effective to prevent the spread of dust.

          5, excellent chemical resistance, resistance at a certain pH.

          6, does not contain silicon, has a certain anti-static properties, tailored requirements for the electronics manufacturing industry.

          7, the chemical residue at the end of the ion content, the particles are smaller, suitable for the end surface of the contents of the harsh environment of the clean room.

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